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BornPretty Nail Crystals & Sweet Color #3

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Hey dolls! I am in love with today’s look! The Atlanta area is currently being hit with another winter storm, so I spent a few hours swatching yesterday while at home. BornPretty Sweet Color #3 ($11.79) is a brown base filled with flakies that shift from gold, to orange, to green, to blue. The formula is sheer and applies evenly without the flakies sticking up from the nail. This is meant to be a layering polish, so one coat of Sweet Color #3 was used over  two coats of Barielle Make it a Latte.

To add a little bling, I applied a gold BornPretty Nail Crystal ($1.99 for 2 pieces). The crystal fit perfectly over my nail at its current length. It was easy to apply and I just added it to the nail while my top coat was still a little tacky. The crystals are metal and don’t bend at all, so these can definitely be used again.

BornPretty Sweet Color #3

BornPretty Sweet Color #3

BornPretty Sweet Color #3

Does this not look amazing?!? Talk about a statement nail! It’s clearly a bit much for everyday wear, but it would be great for nice event. I also really like this flakie. The color shift is quite noticeable in one coat and the flakies are a great size. How do you feel about this look? Is the nail crystal too much? Be sure to use my coupon code of TPJ61 if you’d like to purchase these or any other items from BornPretty for 10% off.

Press Sample

  • How gorgeous is this Lakeisha!? WOW! Seriously, this is so elegant!! I’m in love with that nail shield!

  • Oh great shade, love those flakies in it! Love that nail decal charm you added too 🙂

  • Tanya Payne

    Oh #3, love those flakies. Not a huge fan of the crystal, but I don’t like 3D nail art that snags, gets stuck in my hair, etc. It would certainly make for a flashy NYE mani though!

    • Thanks! I know what you mean. I’ve never tried any 3D nail art before this. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any issues with it getting snagged or stuck.

  • Mine’ Perry

    I love that flakie! very nice!

  • Marisa (Polish Obsession)

    That flakie polish is gorgeous!!!! Great mani!

  • Edwina Davis

    Pretty polish!!

  • Ooh that crystal looks amazing!

  • Kelly

    Did the crystal stay on a reasonable amount of time?