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Hi dolls, my melmers are getting full, so I’m having another blog sale. This sale is open to U.S. mailing address only. Please email me at refinedandpolished@gmail.com for any inquiries. Sales will be made on a first come, first serve basis. Prices will be located beside the name and the usage will be listed in parentheses (BN = brand new; 1x = used for 1 full mani; S = swatched on 4 fingers).

Upon inquiry, I will respond to your email as soon as possible. In order to avoid additional fees, payments may be made as a gift. If you require an invoice, I will be happy to send one with the added paypal fees. When polishes are pending, they will be marked with  (pending). As polishes are invoiced, I will strike through them on the site.  Payments must be received in 24 hours; if not, polishes will be returned to the site. My paypal address is refinedandpolished@gmail.com.

There are several polishes at the bottom that are free (items I’ve received for review). You may chose one of these for free (just pay $0.50 shipping) when you make a purchase.

Shipping policy:

  • $2.50 for the first item and $0.50 for each additional
  • For 5 or more polishes, it will be shipped in a priority flat rate box for $6
  • Delivery confirmation will be added to each package

*All packages will be wrapped securely in bubble wrap and I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages.*

If you are on Makeup Alley, feel free to leave feedback here.
Nail Sauce Holiday Sweets – 1x – $4, Elixir Lacquers With a K – BN – $5, Daring Digits Popped – S – $4
Daring Digits Master Shake – 1x – $2, Haze Glaze Angel Flakes – BN – $2, Dandy Nails Wish It Away – S – $2
NY Summer Angel Baby – BN – $2, Sinful Colors Sugar Rush (HTF) – S – $4, WnW Caribbean Frost – 1x – $1
Bondi Starry Night – S – $7, Bondi City Slicker – S – $7, OPI Big Hair Big Nails – 1x – $4, Juicy Couture Gold Glitter – 2x – $5
Orly Glitz and Glamour – BN – $1.50, Orly Mermaid Tale – 1x – $3, China Glaze Holly Day – 1x – $3, China Glaze Midtown Magic – 1x – $3, Revlon Blue Mosaic – 1x – $2.50
LA Girl Brilliant Blue – 1x – $3.50, Color Club Nouveau Vintage – BN – $3.50, Essie Power Clutch – 1x – $3.50, Essie Jamaica Me Crazy – 1x – $3.50
**These polishes were sent for review. You may chose one for free and only pay shipping ($0.50).**

Classic Films They Live By Night, Impact, Spellbound; Naild’It Violet B Wild
Pretty and Polished How’s About a Roll in the Hay, Pretty and Polished For Sweater or Worse, KBShimmer Clown Puke, Mentality Cantankerous