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Barielle ~ Karma Collection

Hey dolls,
Today I have for you 4 of the shades from the new Barielle Spring 2011 Karma Collection. I ordered these last Thursday when they were announced and received them on Tuesday…super quick shipping! Here are the 4 colors I ordered.

Soul-er Powered, Gotta Have Fate, Welcome Ohm, & Do Unto Others

I am in love with these shades. They are perfect for the summertime and I think they will compliment many skin tones. I don’t typically swatch a lot of colors in one sitting…I like for my polish to feel special and get some wear time…besides, I always having something new to try so who knows when I’ll get back around to it. I decided to do all of these though because there are not a lot of swatches on the web yet and I want all of you to be able to capitalize on Barielle’s BOGO 50% promo that’s currently taking place online here

First up is Soul-er Powered. Barielle describes it as a warm yellow gold with silver and gold shimmer. What can I say…yellow is my favorite color. Add some shimmer to it and I am sold! This polish was somewhat sheer, but it became a little more opaque with 2 coats (there was a little VNL, but not enough to bother me). I didn’t find this shade to be as problematic as most yellows are, which is awesome. The brushes on all of the shades were flexible and spread well over my nails.
Sunlight, no flash
With flash
Next we have Gotta Have Fate. This shade is described as an opaque creamy coral. The formula on this one, while a creme, was just as sheer as Soul-er Powered. There was some balding on the first coat, but that was fixed immediately with the second coat. This is just an amazing color! It makes me want to eat something sweet for some odd reason…lol.
Sunlight, no flash
With flash
Welcome Ohm is an amazing shade of purple. Barielle describes it as a warm cream plum. I had no problems with the application. It was slightly thicker than both Soul-er Powered and Gotta Have Fate. This is definitely a must-have shade of purple. 
Sunlight, no flash

With flash
Last but not least, Do Unto Others. This is an amazing shade of teal. It is described as a blue/green jelly cream. The formula on this is the BOMB.COM!!! Dolls, I only needed 1 coat…1 coat!!! I usually do the obligatory second coat just because, but I wanted to show you all just how nice this was with one coat. Do Unto Others applied like butter. The formula was the thickest out of the 4 shades I purchased. The color was the hardest to capture on camera though. I was inside, outside, and under all different sorts of lights.
Outdoors, with flash
Flash, artificial lighting…this is truest to color
Flash, artificial lighting
No flash, artificial lighting
Whew…now you see why I don’t like to swatch collections all at once…lol. My favorite from this collection is Do Unto Others…I’ve said it again and again…I’m having a love affair with teals/turquoises right now. This shade leans more towards green on the nail, but in pics its a little more on the blue side. All of the pictures above were taken without a top coat. These colors definitely have some built in shine! I think that all of these shades are perfect and they really compliment my warm skin tone. I’m sure I’ll be wearing these time and time again. Even though I just started wearing Barielle, its quickly moving up the list on my top brands of polish! Here is the entire collection:
What do you think of the Karma Collection??? Which is your favorite color??? Will you take advantage of the BOGO promo???