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Barielle Dazzling Diamonds Collection

Lord & Taylor, Azaara, Lauren Harper

Hey dolls! As promised, today I’m showing you the Barielle Dazzling Diamonds collection. This collection consists of four different glitter top coats and one glitter that could be worn alone.

Purple Hearts is a glitter top coat that is filled with different sized purple, silver, and fuchsia glitter. The formula was easy to use and one coat was used over Barielle Pink Flip-Flops. Hands down, Purple Hearts was my favorite from the collection.

Stardust is filled with silver and blue glitter in a clear base. This one is not as dense as Purple Hearts, but adequate coverage was achieved with one coat. I layered Stardust over Barielle Decadence.

Pink Diamond is a dense rose pink glitter in a clear base. If you are patient, this one is probably dense enough to wear on its own at three coats. I chose to layer one coat of Pink Diamond over Barielle Peach Popsicle, but I wish I would’ve chosen a more contrasting color.

Ebony Rainbow is a sparse multi-colored glitter top coat in a clear base. I layered two coats of Ebony Rainbow over Barielle Ocean Breeze. I’m going to apologize now for the quality of these pictures. Out of the 40  or so that were taken, they were all blurry! I’ll have to wear this again at a later date to take better pictures.

Cherry Blossom Sparkler is the only shade from this collection that is not in a clear base and can be worn alone. It is a red jelly filled with different shades of red glitter. Most of you know that I’m not a fan of reds, but surprisingly I sort of like this one. Three coats were used in the pictures below.

Dazzling Diamonds is a fun collection if you are into layering polishes! My favorites were Purple Hearts and Stardust. Unfortunately, I would advise any one to google swatches before purchasing these colors because they look nothing like the graphic images that are on the Barielle website. Barielle polishes can are $8 and are typically BOGO 50% off. 

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What is your favorite from this collection?

*Products featured in this post were sent by PR for review*