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a England Holy Grail (New Edition)

Hey dolls! Remember I mentioned in this week’s Polish Days post that I had several fails before ending with a gradient. Today I have pictures of one of them. I started with a base of a England Holy Grail (New Edition), which is the second version of this shade. It is a described as a baroque and antiqued golden hue, infused with bronze, gold, copper, and gently touches of green shimmerThe formula was absolutely flawless and almost opaque in one coat, but I used two to increase the depth.

Holy Grail 2Holy Grail

While I liked the previous version of Holy Grail (used here), I am in love with the new edition! The shimmer is so intricate and complex. Then, I went and messed it up using another newly released shade by a England. Beauty Never Fails is described as a blackened pine base, hypnotically brimming with emerald, gold, olive-green and bronze ultra-fine shimmer. Once again, the formula was flawless. I’ve wanted to pair these two for nail art as soon as I saw them together. I first attempted a water marble that was so bad, I didn’t even take pictures. Next, I went for a half-moon mani, which is what you will see below. My moons didn’t appear to be very defined or even on all nails so I thought I would get a little creative. I put on another coat of Beauty Never Fails and then use a toothpick to freehand an extremely random design of lines and swirls.

Holy Grail3

Yup, this is a fail! The pinkie actually looks ok, but the other nails…no ma’am! I guess I didn’t move quickly enough because the polish started to clump up, hence the bumpiness on my ring finger. Oh well, we can’t win them all. I do love these two colors together though. Maybe my creative juices will get to flowing at some point and I’ll give it another go with these beauties.